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70-486 dumps

Up to the immediate present Microsoft 70-486 dumps exam cram:

You need to make the “Distance” header of the table bold in the Views/RunLog/GetLog.cshtml view. Which code segment should you use?
A. table>tr{ font-weight: bold; }
B. table>th:last-child{ font-weight: bold; }
C. table+first-child{ font-weight: bold; }
D. table>tr>th:nth-child (2) { font-weight: bold; }
70-486 exam 
Correct Answer: D
You need to extend the edit functionality of RunLogController. Which code segment should you use?
70-486 dumps

Correct Answer: C
If the canvas element is supported by the client browser, the application must display “London 2012” in the footer as text formatted by JavaScript at the end of the Layout.cshtml file. You need to modify the layout to ensure that “London 2012″ is displayed as either formatted text or as plain text, depending on what the client browser supports. Which code segment should you add?
A. <canvas id=”myFooter”> @(Request,Browser.JavaApplets ? new HtmlString(“London 2012″) : null) </canvas>
B. <canvas id=”myFooter”London 2012</canvas>
C. <canvas id=”myCanvas”>London 2012</canvas>
D. <canvas id=”myCanvas”><canvas><p>London 2012</p>
70-486 dumps 
Correct Answer: C
You need to add an action to RunLogController to validate the users’ passwords. Which code segment should you use?
70-486 dumps

Correct Answer: B
You need to make all of the rows in the table bold in the Views/RunLog/GetLog.cshtml view. Which code segment should you use?
A. Table > th:last-child { font-weight: bold; }
B. Table+first-child{ font-weight: bold; }
C. Table>tr>th:nth-child{2){font-weight: bold; }
D. Table > tr {font-weight: bold;}
70-486 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
You need to display the “miles” unit description after the distance in the GetLog view. Which line of code should you use to replace line GL21? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. @log.Distance miles
B. @Htrml.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance) miles
C. @log.Distance.ToStringO @Html.TextArea (“miles”)
D. @Htmi.DisplayFor(model => log.Distance.ToString() + ” miles”)
Correct Answer: AB
QUESTION 7 During an installation of Symposium Express Call Center 3.0 the field engineer discovers that the TFE service is not in the UP state after a fresh install. What is the likely cause for this?
A. PEPs are missing
B. No scripts are available
C. System Registry needs updating
D. Must run the Call Routing Wizard for the first time
70-486 vce Answer: D
QUESTION 8 During a system test the Symposium Express Call Center 3.0 greeting or wait announcement is not played and the caller continues to hear ring back or the next appropriate greeting. What Voice Services announcement should the field engineer check?
A. That the call treatment is configured properly.
B. The announcement file (.sbc file), could have been renamed, deleted, or restored out of synchronization.
C. The announcement file (.sbc file), could have been renamed, corrupted, or restored out of synchronization.
D. The announcement file (.sba file), could have been renamed or restored out of synchronization, orcorrupted.
Answer: B
QUESTION 9 A customer reports that Agent Desktop Display and Real Time Display do not function. Which tool can the field engineer use on Symposium Call Center Server to verify that Symposium Call Center Server is multicasting data out to the network?
A. Ping
B. Mrcv.exe
C. RsmCfg.exe
D. MulticastCtrl.exe
70-486 exam Answer: B
QUESTION 10 A user is configuring and acquiring phone sets on an Option 11 using the TN on Card four and unit two of that card. They get an error when they acquire the phones using the TN designation of 4-2. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
A. The Symposium Call Center Server DN format is wrong it should DN Number XXXX Customer Number ACD Queue.
B. The Symposium Call Center Server TN format is wrong it should “loop-1-1-unit” on an Option 11 (for example, 4-1-1-2).
C. The Symposium Call Center Server TN format is wrong it should “loop-0-0-unit” on an Option 11 (for example, 4-0-0-2).
D. The Symposium Call Center Server TN format is wrong it should “loop-Expansion Cabinet Number-0-unit” on an Option 11 (for example, 4-0-2).
Answer: C
QUESTION 11 A field engineer is assisting an onsite technician with installing Symposium Call Center Server 4.0 client at a customer’s site. On one of the client computers, the client pre-installation check indicates an error in the temp directory. What should the technician do to troubleshoot this error?
A. Ignore the error.
B. Run the installation over again.
C. Check the log located at c:\cltprep.log.
D. Check the log file located at d:\Nortel\iccm\bin\logs\cinst.log.
70-486 dumps Answer: C
QUESTION 12 The Symposium Express Client 3.0 software was installed on a PC and everything appeared to install normally. After a reboot of the client PC to finalize the installation it was found that the client application would not start. What step should be taken next?
A. Install current patches on the client PC and reboot.
B. Do a re-install of the client software; this should clean up any problems.
C. Do an uninstall of the client, reboot the PC and re-install the client software.
D. Check the ODBC drivers which are on the PC, if they are different from what the client uses it will not start.
Answer: D
QUESTION 13 When testing Symposium Web Client 4.0 functionality such as Real Time Displays or Agent Desktop Display the field engineer experiences problems. Data is not being displayed. What diagnostic tool will help the field engineer identify the origin of the problem?
A. Regedit.exe

B. NBConfig.exe
C. TraceRoute.exe
D. ICERTDTrace.exe
70-486 pdf Answer: D
QUESTION 14 On a Symposium network with 1 NCC server and 20 Symposium Call Center Servers there is an average of 15000 calls per hour over the network. The field engineer is trying to collect Network Call By Call Data but finds that the NCC server keeps running out of hard disk space. What could be the possible cause for this?
A. The network bandwidth is too slow.
B. The NCC server needs to be a RAID system to handle this setup.
C. The NCC server can only handle a maximum of 10000 calls per hour.
D. There are too many Symposium Call Center Server servers on the network.
Answer: C

QUESTION 15 Which IPv4 address classes are reserved for specific uses and may not be assigned to hosts? (Choose two.)
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
E. E
70-486 vce Answer: DE
QUESTION 16 Which two components of the TCP/IP protocol suite map to the Host-to-Host layer of the DOD model?(Choose two.)
Answer: BE
QUESTION 17 Select the link state routing protocols. (Choose two.)
70-486 exam Answer: DF
QUESTION 18 What protocol is normally considered to be both a LAN and WAN protocol?

C. X.25
F. Frame Relay
Answer: B
QUESTION 19 Identify the network devices associated with the Data Link layer of the OSI model. (Choose two.)
B. routers C.
switches D.
gateways E.
F. active hubs
70-486 dumps Answer: AC
QUESTION 20 What are two disadvantages to RIP? (Choose two.)
A. static routing
B. count-to-infinity
C. resource intensive
D. slow convergence time
E. lack of industry support
Answer: BD
QUESTION 21 A network uses a subnet mask of It reserves host addresses containing all “1’s”. How many host addresses are available for each subnet?
A. 255
B. 512
C. 1023
D. 2047
70-486 pdf Answer: D
QUESTION 22 How many characters may be in a single domain name label?
A. 16
B. 63 C. 120
D. 255
Answer: B
QUESTION 23 Which IPX network addresses are reserved for special purposes? (Choose three.)
A. 00000000
B. 11111111
F. AAAA0000
70-486 vce Answer: ACD
QUESTION 24 What information is exchanged in an initial “hello” packet between OSPF routers? (Choose three.)
A. hello interval
B. router priority number
C. full link state database
D. IP address and subnet mask
E. summary of the link state database
F. summary of the link state advertising database
Answer: ABD
QUESTION 25 What is one difference between service level software and application level software?
A. Service level software always provides real-time guarantees on execution time, while application level software does not.
B. Application level software always forms the core “building bricks” of software systems while service level software is always portable across different hardware.
C. Application level software provides the functionality and behavior required of the system while service level software provides application-independent functionality.
D. Service level software always provides the same set of operations regardless of environment, while application level software provide a consistent programming interface.
70-486 exam Answer: C
QUESTION 26 What is the difference between static and dynamic variables?
A. Static variables are used to save memory space in lieu of dynamic variables.
B. Static variables have global visibility while dynamic variables are restricted to individual components.
C. Static variables have a set value for the lifetime of the program, while dynamic variables can change
value as determined by the program.
D. Static variables exist for as long as the program runs, while dynamic variables are created and
destroyed by the program and scoping rules.
Answer: D
QUESTION 27 A Rate Monotonic Schedule sets task priorities according to what?
A. task laxity
B. task deadline
C. system mode
D. length of a task’s period
70-486 dumps Answer: D
QUESTION 28 Programs devised using functional structuring are based on what?
A. abstract machines organized in layers
B. data processed by individual statements
C. functions operating on shared structures

D. independent functions organized in parallel
QUESTION 29 Which is an example of a performance modeling tool?
A. spreadsheet
B. discrete event simulator
C. transaction rate analyzer
D. software configuration manager
70-486 pdf Answer: B
QUESTION 30 Which statement is true about the feasibility of a Rate Monotonic Schedule?
A. It CANNOT be determined precisely.
B. It can be determined only for the highest priority task.
C. It can be determined for any set of task deadlines with bounded execution times.
D. It can be determined for any number of periodic tasks with bounded execution times.
Answer: D
QUESTION 31 What does performance engineering start with?
A. creating a predictable system architecture
B. choosing an appropriately predictable scheduling policy
C. defining the performance requirements for the target system
D. defining a set of performance tests to determine that requirements will be met
70-486 vce Answer: C
QUESTION 32 How does a pure tree decomposition differ from a general hierarchical decomposition?
A. Different modules share standard subroutines.
B. Leaf-functions are shared between many different modules.
C. ‘Building-brick’ functions are NOT shared between modules.
D. System branch prediction can be used to increase performance.
Answer: C

QUESTION 33 Creating rate groups can produce which effect?
A. reducing processor load variations
B. ensuring that time constraints are met
C. decreasing the overhead of task dispatch
D. simplifying system maintainability when requirements change
70-486 exam Answer: C
QUESTION 34 Earliest deadline scheduling is a form of what?
A. preemptive static scheduling
B. deadline monotonic scheduling
C. non-preemptive static scheduling
D. priority-based preemptive dynamic scheduling
Answer: D
QUESTION 35 For which schedule is the task priority computed using both the tasks execution time and its deadline?
A. Least Laxity First
B. Shortest Job First
C. Deadline Monotonic
D. Shortest Remaining Time
70-486 dumps Answer:A

70-486 dumps

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