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C_TS462_2020 Q&As test


During the material availability check for a sales order item, the ordered quantity is completely confirmed on the required
date even though there is only a partial quantity in stock. Which setting could lead to this behavior?

A. The Maximum Number of Partial Deliveries indicator is set to 1 in the sales order item
B. The With Reservations indicator is set in the configuration of the scope of availability check
C. The Without Replenishment Lead Time indicator is not set in the configuration of the scope of availability check
D. The Complete Delivery indicator is set in the business partner master record and in the customer material info record

Correct Answer: C


What are the characteristics of an invoice list process? (Choose two.)

A. The payer receives a single invoice list instead of the individual invoices
B. You must set up a periodic billing plan for the invoice list creation
C. The invoice list is created at specified time intervals or on specific dates
D. You use preliminary billing documents for the invoice list creation

Correct Answer: CD


Your outbound deliveries must automatically determine storage locations.
Where do you activate this?

A. Outbound delivery the type
B. Route
C. Shipping point
D. Outbound delivery item category

Correct Answer: C


When performing backorder processing, which confirmation strategies can you select? (Choose three.)

A. Redistribute
B. Fill
C. Obtain
D. Gain
E. Drop

Correct Answer: ABD


You want to use condition exclusion. For which of the following pricing elements can you set the condition exclusion indicator? (Choose two.)

A. Condition record
B. Condition category
C. Condition type
D. Condition type groups

Correct Answer: AC


Which of the following settings are required to be able to deliver a product? (Choose two.)

A. You need to set the Schedule Lines Allowed indicator in the item category
B. You need to set up the item category as relevant for delivery-related billing
C. You need to set the Item Relevant for the Delivery indicator in the item category
D. You need to set up copying control in Logistics Execution for the item category

Correct Answer: AB


When creating a business partner, the allocation of the business partner number is controlled by a number range assigned
to which object?

A. Business partner grouping
B. Business partner category
C. Account group
D. Business partner role

Correct Answer: A


Which information comes from the payer? (Choose two.)

A. Billing address
B. Shipping conditions
C. Payment terms
D. Invoicing list scheduling

Correct Answer: AB


You investigate the standard behavior of the two sales document types Delivery Free of Charge (FD) and Subsequent
Delivery Free of Charge (SD). What do you find out? (Choose two.)

A. A Subsequent Delivery Free of Charge has to be created with reference to a preceding document
B. In both cases, materials are priced and billed normally but the shipping is free of charge
C. Documents of both document types can use the same item category
D. A Delivery Free of Charge is used to deliver material due to a complaint

Correct Answer: AC


You are using incompleteness procedures in your system. To which elements can they be assigned? (Choose three.)

A. Business partner category
B. Partner function
C. Material type
D. Item category
E. Schedule line category

Correct Answer: BDE


You save a sales order and receive a system message that a business partner of a specific partner function is missing.
Which of the following partner functions can cause this problem? (Choose two.)

A. Ship-to party (SH)
B. Sold-to party (SP)
C. Invoicing party (11)
D. Ordering party (1 )

Correct Answer: CD


You already have a condition record for a material price that is valid for the whole year. Now you have to set up a special sales price for this material for the next two weeks. How do you do this? (Choose two.)

A. You use the transaction Change condition (transaction code VK12)
B. You use the transaction Create condition (transaction code VK11)
C. You use the Creation of Price Lists app
D. You use the Manage Prices – Sales app

Correct Answer: BD

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