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CompTIA PT0-001 Exam Questions Answers [2020] And Get 12% Discount

A project manager is mapping qualifications and available personnel to the project requirements. Which of the following
activities is the project manager completing?
A. Team Building
B. Team Selection
C. Resource loading
D. Resource leveling
Correct Answer: A

A part that is needed to complete Task 3 has been back-ordered and will arrive three days later than scheduled. Task 3
must be complete for Task 4 to start. There is one day of float for the two tasks. Which of the following represents the
a number of days the project schedule will be delayed?
A. Zero
B. One
C. Two
D. Three
Correct Answer: D

The PM is preparing for the planning phase kickoff meeting. It is imperative for the team to focus during the meeting on
the expected outcomes. Which of the following best describes what the PM should work on FIRST?
A. Project charter
B. Project schedule
C. Meeting agenda
D. Responsibility assignment matrix
E. Risk register
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following activity sequencing techniques uses nodes to symbolize activities and arrows to show how their
dependencies are connected?
A. Critical Path Method
B. Arrow Diagramming Method
C. Critical Chain Method
D. Precedence Diagramming Method
Correct Answer: D

A project manager is unsure if the quality of a deliverable from an SME meets specifications. Which of the following is the
The BEST way for the project manager to address the issue?
A. Conduct a face-to-face or telephone meeting with the team member.
B. Send an email outlining the concerns to the team member.
C. Send a project team meeting to obtain feedback from everyone.
D. Post the issue on the wiki page for input from stakeholders.
Correct Answer: A
References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 261

Which of the following is a schedule that illustrates the duration of an activity?
A. Process diagram
B. Ishikawa diagram
C. Gantt chart
D. Pareto chart
Correct Answer: C
References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 168

Which of the following documents should be used to provide high-level reporting to key stakeholders?
A. Dashboard
B. Communication plan
C. Statement of work
D. Project charter
Correct Answer: A
References: Kim Heldman, CompTIA Project+ Study Guide, 2nd Edition, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2017, p. 325

Resources for a project report to a project manager and a functional manager. The organizational structure is:
A. Matrix
B. Ad hoc
C. Functional
D. Projectized
Correct Answer: A

A sponsor requests that the project team shorten the completion of a project by two months to give the sales team more
leverage in renegotiating the contract with the client. The budgeted time is 500 hours, and the projected earned value is

Certfans PK0-004 exam questions-q9

Which of the following represents the cost variance for both project completions?
A. -$4.8K and -$7K
B. -$4.9K and $7K
C. $4.8K and -$7K
D. $4.8K and $7K
Correct Answer: C
References: https://pmstudycircle.com/2012/05/schedule-variance-sv-cost-variance-cv-in-project-cost-management/

A customer has stated that meeting the project schedule and milestones takes priority and is, therefore, willing to spend
additional funds to sustain operations. The project team must ensure completion of the:
A. business continuity plan.
B. incident response plan.
C. disaster recovery plan.
D. risk management plan.
E. quality management plan.
Correct Answer: D

A company has hired a new project manager. The PMO has briefed the new project manager on the following expected
responsibilities for projects:
Coordinate the project schedule
Manage to the triple constraint
Provide performance feedback to team members\\’ managers Which of the following types of organizational structures
did the new project manager MOST likely to join?
A. Balanced matrix
B. Strong matrix
C. Functional
D. Projectized
Correct Answer: D

A project manager must create documentation before the project kickoff meeting. Which of the following documents will
identify the project, introduce the project manager, and establish authority in the project?
A. Responsibility matrix
B. Resource allocation plan
C. Project charter
D. Statement of work
Correct Answer: C

A project manager is trying to explain to a stakeholder why projects are progressively elaborated upon. Which of the
following is the BEST explanation?
A. In the beginning, projects entail a degree of uncertainty that needs to be specified.
B. In the beginning, projects have start and finish dates that require elaboration.
C. In the beginning, projects are part of a program that requires coordination.
D. In the beginning, projects start with detailed inputs that need to be explained.
Correct Answer: A

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