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CompTIA PT0-001 PDF Dumps

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Practice PT0-001 Exam Questions 1-13

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A penetration tester was able to retrieve the initial VPN user domain credentials by phishing a member of the IT
department. Afterward, the penetration tester obtained hashes over the VPN and easily cracked them using a dictionary
attack Which of the following remediation steps should be recommended? (Select THREE)
A. Mandate all employees take security awareness training
B. Implement two-factor authentication for remote access
C. Install an intrusion prevention system
D. Increase password complexity requirements
E. Install a security information event monitoring solution.
F. Prevent members of the IT department from interactively logging in as administrators
G. Upgrade the cipher suite used for the VPN solution
Correct Answer: ABD

Which of the following BEST explains why it is important to maintain confidentiality of any identified findings when
performing a penetration test?
A. Penetration test findings often contain company intellectual property
B. Penetration test findings could lead to consumer dissatisfaction if made pubic
C. Penetration test findings are legal documents containing privileged information
D. Penetration test findings can assist an attacker in compromising a system
Correct Answer: D

A security consultant receives a document outlining the scope of an upcoming penetration test. This document contains
IP addresses and times that each can be scanned. Which of the following would contain this information?
A. Rules of engagement
B. Request for proposal
C. Master service agreement
D. Business impact analysis
Correct Answer: A

After successfully capturing administrator credentials to a remote Windows machine, a penetration tester attempts to
access the system using PSExec but is denied permission. Which of the following shares must be accessible for a
successful PSExec connection?
A. IPCS and C$
B. C$ and ADMINS
Correct Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button.

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q5

Given the Nikto vulnerability scan output shown in the exhibit, which of the following exploitation techniques might be
used to exploit the target system? (Select TWO)
A. Arbitrary code execution
B. Session hijacking
C. SQL injection
D. Login credential brute-forcing
E. Cross-site request forgery
Correct Answer: CD

A recently concluded penetration test revealed that a legacy web application is vulnerable lo SQL injection Research
indicates that completely remediating the vulnerability would require an architectural change, and the stakeholders are
not m a position to risk the availability of the application Under such circumstances, which of the following controls are
low-effort, short-term solutions to minimize the SQL injection risk? (Select TWO).
A. Identify and eliminate inline SQL statements from the code.
B. Identify and eliminate dynamic SQL from stored procedures.
C. Identify and sanitize all user inputs.
D. Use a whitelist approach for SQL statements.
E. Use a blacklist approach for SQL statements.
F. Identify the source of malicious input and block the IP address.
Correct Answer: DF

At the beginning of a penetration test, the tester finds a file that includes employee data, such as email addresses, work
phone numbers, computers names, and office locations. The file is hosted on a public web server. Which of the
following BEST describes the technique that was used to obtain this information?
A. Enumeration of services
B. OSINT gathering
C. Port scanning
D. Social engineering
Correct Answer: B

Performance based You are a penetration Inter reviewing a client\\’s website through a web browser.
Review all components of the website through the browser to determine if vulnerabilities are present.
Remediate ONLY the highest vulnerability from either the certificate source or cookies.

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q8

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q8-2

Select and Place:

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q8-3

Correct Answer:

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q8-4

A penetration tester is performing a remote scan to determine if the server farm is compliant with the company\\’s
software baseline . Which of the following should the penetration tester perform to verify compliance with the baseline?
A. Discovery scan
B. Stealth scan
C. Full scan
D. Credentialed scan
Correct Answer: D

A penetration tester identifies the following findings during an external vulnerability scan:

Certfans PT0-001 exam questions-q10

Which of the following attack strategies should be prioritized from the scan results above?
A. Obsolete software may contain exploitable components
B. Weak password management practices may be employed
C. Cryptographically weak protocols may be intercepted
D. Web server configurations may reveal sensitive information
Correct Answer: C

A penetration tester is in the process of writing a report that outlines the overall level of risk to operations. In which of the
following areas of the report should the penetration tester put this?
A. Appendices
B. Executive summary
C. Technical summary
D. Main body
Correct Answer: B

In a physical penetration testing scenario, the penetration tester obtains physical access to a laptop following potential
NEXT step to extract credentials from the device?
A. Brute force the user\\’s password.
B. Perform an ARP spoofing attack.
C. Leverage the BeEF framework to capture credentials.
D. Conduct LLMNR/NETBIOS-ns poisoning.
Correct Answer: A

A penetration tester wants to launch a graphic console window from a remotely compromised host with IP and
display the terminal on the local computer with IP Which of the following would accomplish this task?
A. From the remote computer, run the following commands: Export IHOST xhost+ Terminal
B. From the local computer, run the following command ssh -L4444 : 127.0.01:6000 -% [email protected] xterm
C. From the local computer, run the following command ssh -r6000 : 127.0.01:4444 -p 6000 [email protected]
“xhost+; xterm”
D. From the local computer, run the following command Nc -1 -p 6000 Then, from the remote computer, run the
following command Xterm | nc 6000
Correct Answer: A

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