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Exam Code: 210-250
Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Q&As: 80

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210-250 dumps

Up to the immediate present Cisco 210-250 Dumps exam cram:

A LAN administrator normally would be restricted from:
A. having end-user responsibilities.
B. reporting to the end-user manager.
C. having programming responsibilities.
D. being responsible for LAN security administration.

210-250 exam Correct Answer: C
A LAN administrator should not have programming responsibilities but may have end user responsibilities. The LAN administrator may report to the director of the IPF or, in a decentralized operation, to the end-user manager. In small organizations, the LAN administrator also may be responsible for security administration over the LAN.
Which of the following is a telecommunication device that translates data from digital form to analog form and back to digital?
A. Multiplexer
B. Modem
C. Protocol converter
D. Concentrator
Correct Answer: B
A modem is a device that translates data from digital to analog and back to digital.
Which of the following systems-based approaches would a financial processing company employ to monitor spending patterns to identify abnormal patterns and report them?
A. A neural network
B. Database management software
C. Management information systems
D. Computer assisted audit techniques
210-250 dumps Correct Answer: A
A neural network will monitor and learn patterns, reporting exceptions for investigation.
Incorrect answers:
B. Database management software is a method of storing and retrieving datA.
C. Management information systems provide management statistics but do not normally have a monitoring and detection function.
D. Computer-assisted audit techniques detect specific situations, but are not intended to learn patterns and detect abnormalities.

A hardware control that helps to detect errors when data are communicated from one computer to another is known as a:
A. duplicate check.
B. table lookup.
C. validity check.
D. parity check.
Correct Answer: D
A parity check will help to detect data errors when data are read from memory or communicated from one computer to another. A one-bit digit (either 0 or 1) is added to a data item to indicate whether the sum of that data item’s bit is odd or even. When the parity bit disagrees with the sum of the other bits, an error report is generated.
Incorrect answers:
Choices A, B and C are types of data validation and editing controls.
For which of the following applications would rapid recovery be MOST crucial?
A. Point-of-sale system
B. Corporate planning
C. Regulatory reporting
D. Departmental chargeback
210-250 pdf Correct Answer: A
A point-of-sale system is a critical online system that when inoperable will jeopardize the ability of Company.com to generate revenue and track inventory properly.
The initial step in establishing an information security program is the:
A. development and implementation of an information security standards manual.
B. performance of a comprehensive security control review by the IS auditor.
C. adoption of a corporate information security policy statement.
D. purchase of security access control software.
Correct Answer: C
A policy statement reflects the intent and support provided by executive management for
 proper security and establishes a starting point for developing the security program.
A malicious code that changes itself with each file it infects is called a:
A. logic bomb.
B. stealth virus.
C. trojan horse.
D. polymorphic virus.
210-250 vce Correct Answer: D
A polymorphic virus has the capability of changing its own code, enabling it to have many different variants. Since they have no consistent binary pattern, such viruses are hard to identify.
Incorrect answers:
A. A logic bomb is code that is hidden in a program or system which will cause something to happen when the user performs a certain action or when certain conditions are met. A logic bomb, which can be downloaded along with a corrupted shareware or freeware program, may destroy data, violate system security, or erase the hard drive.
B. A stealth virus is a virus that hides itself by intercepting disk access requests. When an antivirus program tries to read files or boot sectors to find the virus, the stealth virus feeds the antivirus program a clean image of the file or boot sector.
C. A trojan horse is a virus program that appears to be useful and harmless but which has harmful side effects such as destroying data or breaking the security of the system on which it is run.
Which of the following is a continuity plan test that uses actual resources to simulate a system crash to cost-effectively obtain evidence about the plan’s effectiveness?
A. Paper test
B. Post test
C. Preparedness test
D. Walk-through
Correct Answer: C
A preparedness test is a localized version of a full test, wherein resources are expended in the simulation of a system crash. This test is performed regularly on different aspects of the plan and can be a cost-effective way to gradually obtain evidence about the plan’s effectiveness. It also provides a means to improve the plan in increments.
Incorrect answers:
A. A paper test is a walkthrough of the plan, involving major players in the plan’s execution who attempt to determine what might happen in a particular type of service disruption. A paper test usually precedes the preparedness test.
B. A post-test is actually a test phase and is comprised of a group of activities, such as returning all resources to their proper place, disconnecting equipment, returning personnel and deleting all company data from third- party systems.
D. A walk-through is a test involving a simulated disaster situation that tests the preparedness and understanding of management and staff, rather than the actual resources.

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