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SAP C_THR86_2005 Questions Answers


Which of the following functions in the Admin Tools can you use to delete compensation worksheets for
active planners?

There are 2 correct answers.
A. Manage worksheets
B. Delete form
C. Update compensation worksheet
D. Delete employees


Where can you assign route maps to compensation plan templates? Please choose the correct answer.

A. Under Admin Tool -> Manage Route maps
B. Under Provisioning -> Form Template Administration
C. Under Admin Tool -> Plan Setup -> Settings
D. Under Provisioning -> Company Setting


What can you do with a compensation profile? There are 3 correct answers.

A. Import salary history into the profile
B. Promote an employee
C. Enter recommendations.
D. View budget.
E. Display salary history.


In Admin Tools, you load a pay matrix table as shown in the attached screenshot. You map attribute 1 to business unit
and attribute 2 departments. On the compensation worksheet, an employee is in the Operations department, the ABC
business unit, and pays grade 3. The employee\’s current range penetration is calculated as exactly 100%. What is the
employee\’s current annual salary? Please choose the correct answer.

A. 72000
B. 90000
C. 66000
D. 85000


Your customer is setting up a stock factor table based on job level, as shown in the attached screenshot. Which job
level is properly configured? Please choose the correct answer.

A. MGR_3
B. MGR_4
C. MGR_1
D. MGR_2


Which operators can you create formulas? There are 3 correct answers.

A. *
B. #


Your customer uses a multi-currency compensation plan template. Where can they update the exchange rate for US
Dollars (USD) to Euros (EUR) using the Admin Tools? Please choose the correct answer.

A. Compensation Home -> Actions for all Plans
B. Compensation Home -> Plan Setup -> Setting -> Currency settings
C. Compensation Home -> Plan Setup -> Plan Details
D. Compensation Home -> Manage worksheets


You want to extract the entire compensation from SuccessFactors and import it to your own Human Resource
Information System (HRIS). Which report must you run to capture compensation data from your current compensation
plan? Please choose the correct answer.

A. Spreadsheet report
B. Aggregate export report
C. Compensation adjustment report
D. Budget roll-up report


Which of the following is a recommended option for updating the Employee Profile with compensation data? There are 2
correct answers.

A. Create a custom portlet on the employee profile and import compensation data to the portlet using the Import
Extended User Information option.
B. Import historical compensation data in custom compensation columns on the user data file (UDF) and create a
custom background portlet to display the data.
C. Publish new compensation data from the compensation worksheet directly to the Employee Profile in a standard
compensation portlet.
D. Permission Human Resource users to enter compensation data on fields in a custom background portlet as part of
the profile completion process.


You want to configure a compensation plan template for your customer. Where can you find the initial compensation
plan template? There are 2 correct answers.

A. In the SAP Help Portal
B. In the SuccessStore
C. In your sales demo instance
D. In the customer\’s auto-provisioned instance


Your customer has different compensation plan templates for stock and compensation. This customer, therefore, wants
to use one combined compensation statement. What can you use to achieve this? Please choose the correct answer

A. Role-based permissions
B. The Secondary Plan option
C. The interoperability option
D. The Assign Statement Groups option


Your customer requires the stock budget allocation for each employee to be visible on the compensation worksheet.
How can you achieve this? Please choose the correct answer

A. Add a new budget calculation based on “User” and use “STOCK_BUDGET_STOCK_AMOUNT” as the import key.
B. Create a custom field and pull data from the “STOCK_BUDGET_STOCK_AMOUNT” column of the user U data file
C. Create a custom field and use the Direct Amount budget mode for stocks.
D. Add a guideline field in the design worksheet labeled as “Stock Budget Allocation”.


Your customer uses the following planning fields in the compensation plan template Promotion:
Merit Adjustment Using the design worksheet in the Admin Tools, which standard field would you add to the compensation
plan template to display the total amount awarded?
Please choose the correct answer.

A. Total Increase
B. Total Compensation In Local Currency
C. Total Raise
D. Total Compensation

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