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SAP C_BRIM_1909 online exam test 2022:



To which object can you assign parameters and counters?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Charge plan
B. Rate
C. Charge
D. Charging plan

Correct Answer: AC


Which master data objects are replicated from SAP S/4HANA to SAP Convergent Charging?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Contract account
B. Business partner
C. Contract person
D. Product

Correct Answer: AB


Which transaction type do you use to create a new partnership agreement order?


Correct Answer: B


In which sequence can you influence the billing activities in expect mode?

A. Aggregate billable items into billing units, select billing units, Group billing units into billing documents.
B. Define billing units, Aggregate billable items, select billing units.
C. Define billable items. Select billable units, Aggregate billable items
D. Select billable item. Group billable items into billing units. Aggregate billable items.

Correct Answer: D


Which server instance uses technical data to determine the correct subscription and partition ID during the rating

A. Guider
B. Dispatcher
C. Updater
D. Rater

Correct Answer: A


Your project requires that some customers use different clearing rules. This rule prioritizes open receivables for certain

Which SAP object do you use to define this payment clearing rule?

A. Product
B. Main- Subtransaction
C. General ledger account
D. Cost center

Correct Answer: B


Which line item is part of the subscription contract after a change process is done in SAP S/4HANA Service: SOM?

A. Product with a recurring fee
B. Product with a Sales component
C. Product with an activation fee
D. Product with change fee

Correct Answer: A


Which objects are created during the generation of a billable item class?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Billable item tables
B. Billable item statuses
C. Function modules
D. Billing processes

Correct Answer: AC


Which functionality has to be enabled for the re-rating process in SAP Convergent Invoicing?

A. Consumption item management
B. Raw item management
C. Billable item management
D. Rated item management

Correct Answer: A


You create a subscription order with one subscription bundle product, which objects can be created as a follow-up
objects? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Multiple subscription contracts
B. Sales order
C. Only one subscription contract
D. Service order

Correct Answer: BC


Which technical data properties must you define when rating the usage for a provider contract line item in SAP
Convergent Charging? Note: Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Account Assignment
B. Service identifier
C. Description field
D. User technical identifier

Correct Answer: BD


Your customer discovers that the collect Call List created with the dunning run is incorrect. Which of the following
activities do you first?

A. Delete the dunning run.
B. Cancel the dunning run.
C. Reprocess the business rules framework.
D. Transfer call list items to `\\’Inactive\\’\\’ Status.

Correct Answer: B

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