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A customer wants to authenticate AOS-Switch managers to a RADIUS server. Managers should be assigned either
read-only or full read-write level access based on the Service-Type VSA in their user account.
What must the network administrator enable on the AOS-Switches to ensure they comply with this plan?
A. RADIUS-based command authorization
B. a manager and operator password
C. privileged-mode login authentication
D. SNMPv3 and SNMPv3 restricted access.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator wants to ensure that an AOS-Switch forwards all traffic that it receives on interface 1 with high priority.
-Switches should also communicate the high priority to other switches across the traffic path.

The switch has type of service disabled.

The administrator plans to apply 802.1p priority 5 to interface 1.
What should the administrator check to ensure that the configuration will work properly?
Interface 1 receives traffic with a tag.
The AOS-Switch is configured to use eight queues.
The forwarding path for the traffic uses VLAN tags.
An 802.1p-to-DSCP map exists for priority 5.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure HPE6-A45 exam questions-q3

Both Switch-1 and Switch-2 redistribute RIP routes into OSPF. The network administrator wants routers in Area 1 to
receive the redistributed routes from Switch-1 but not from Switch-2. What should the administrator do to achieve this
A. Configure Area 1 as a stub area, with no summaries on Switch-2.
B. Configure Area 1 as a stub area, and import the routes with a low metric on Switch-2.
C. Configure Area 1 as a Not So Stubby Area (NSSA) on all routing devices in Area 1.
D. Configure a subnet range for Area 1 on Switch-2, and set the no-advertise option.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibits. Exhibit 1

Pass4itsure HPE6-A45 exam questions-q4

Exhibit 2

Pass4itsure HPE6-A45 exam questions-q4-2

A network administrator wants to set up mirroring of traffic from port 1 on Switch-1 to port 1 on Switch-2. Exhibit-2
shows the commands that the administrator enters. The mirroring does not work correctly. What must the administrator
do to correct the error?
A. Change the port ID on Switch 1 to 50001, so that it is unique from the port ID on Switch-2.
B. Re-configure the mirror endpoint command on Switch-2 with the IP addresses reversed in order.
C. Remove the commands and re-enter them on Switch-1 first and then on Switch-2.
D. Specify the mirror endpoint command in Switch-1 and the mirror 1 remote-ip command on Switch-2.
Correct Answer: B

A network administrator can set the OSPF metric type on an AOS-Switch to Type 1 or Type 2. What is the difference?
A. A Type 2 metric marks external routes that can be advertised in NSSAs, while a Type 1 metric marks external routes
that can only be advertised in normal areas.
B. A Type 2 metric assigns cost to a 100 Gbps link, while a Type 1 metric assigns cost 1 to all links of 100 Mbps or
C. A Type 2 metric is assigned to multiple external routes that are aggregated together, while a Type 1 metric does not
permit external route aggregation.
D. A Type 2 metric stays the same as the external route is advertised, while a Type 1 metric increments with internal OSPF link costs.
Correct Answer: D

A company has AOS-Switches deployed at sites with inexperienced IT staff. The main office network administrators
want to track if configurations change on branch switches. What should be set up for this purpose?
A. an SNMP trap
B. an RMON alarm
C. an IP SLA profile
D. an auto-config server
Correct Answer: A
Reference: http://h22208.www2.hpe.com/eginfolib/networking/docs/switches/K-KAKB/15-18/5998-8160_ssw_mcg/content/ch06s10.html

A network administrator applies port security to a port with the send-alarm action.
What does the switch do if it detects traffic from an unauthorized MAC address on the port?
A. It disables the port, but sends no SNMP trap.
B. It forwards the traffic, and it logs an event.
C. It blocks the traffic, but sends no SNMP trap.
D. It blocks the traffic, and it sends an SNMP trap.
Correct Answer: A

What is one difference between BPDU protection and root guard?
A. BPDU protection works with RPVST+, RSTP, and MSTP. Root guard works with RSTP or MSTP, but not RPVST+.
B. BPDU protection blocks a port if it receives any BPDU, but root guard blocks a port only if the BPDU indicates a
better root path.
C. BPDU protection is typically implemented on edge ports, but root guard is typically implemented on uplinks with the
root port role.
D. BPDU protection drops BPDUs received on a port, but does not block the port. Root guard blocks the port if it
receives a BPDU.
Correct Answer: B
Reference: http://ericleahy.com/index.php/bpdu-guard-bpdu-filter-root-guard-loop-guard-udld/

Which technologies can prevent split brain in a VSF fabric that includes Aruba 2930F switches?
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure HPE6-A45 exam questions-q10

An administrator created a backplane stack with the plug-and-play method, and did not alter the default backplane
stacking settings. Later, two backplane stacking links failed, as shown in the exhibit. What happens to the backplane
stack after the failures?
A. The standby becomes the commander of its fragment, which remains active. The fragment with the commander
becomes inactive.
B. The fragment that contains the commander operates at Layer 2 and layer 3, and the other fragment operates at layer
2 only.
C. The fragment that contains the commander remains active, and the fragment with the standby member is disabled.
D. The standby becomes the commander of its fragment. Both fragments remain active and operate at both Layer 2 and Layer 3.
Correct Answer: D
Reference: http://h22208.www2.hpe.com/eginfolib/networking/docs/switches/WB/15-18/5998-8156_wb_2926_atmg/content/ch06s02.html

A network administrator needs to configure PIM across several AOS-Switches in the same routing domain.
What correctly describes how they can implement PIM modes?
A. Switches at the network edge should run PIM-SM, while switches at the network core should run PIM-DM.
B. All switches must use PIM-DM only or all switches must use PIM-SM only for the solution to work.
C. Different interfaces on the same switch can run in different modes, but the mode must match the neighbor.
D. Switches at the network core should run PIM-DM, while switches at the network edge should run PIM-SM.
Correct Answer: B

The implementation plan for AOS-Switches calls for them to implement port-based tunneled node. The Aruba Mobility
Controllers that will support the AOS-Switches run software 8.1. The controllers will also support APs, are managed by
Mobility Master, and use clustering.
Which issue with this plan needs to be addressed?
A. The controllers cannot support tunneled node with AOS-Switches when they are managed by the Mobility Master.
B. The switches cannot connect to controllers that also support APs.
C. The controllers must have their software updated before they can support the switches.
D. The switches must use role-based tunneled node to work with clustering controllers.
Correct Answer: A

AOS-Switches authenticate guests to ClearPass with captive portal. An administrator notices that some guests are
unable to reach the captive portal page. What will resolve this issue?
A. Permit DNS on the ClearPass Portal
B. Permit DHCP on the ClearPass Portal.
C. Permit HTTP or HTTPS on the ClearPass Portal.
D. Permit Allow All MAC-Auth on the ClearPass Portal.
Correct Answer: A

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