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What must you set up before you apply the settings for Payroll Posting?

A. Distribution of general ledger
B. Distribution of controlling
C. Distribution of project
D. Distribution of cost centers

Correct Answer: D


What does the Initial Load of Payroll Results declustering tool allow you to verify?

A. Selected processes
B. Selected employees
C. Selected rows
D. Selected tables
E. Selected client

Correct Answer: BCD


Where do you maintain the earliest selection on a date for absences?

A. Accrual Rule variables
B. Absence Counting Method
C. Data replication Configuration
D. Data replication proxy

Correct Answer: C


An employee receives a pay statement with an additional amount. This amount is classified as a retro calculation
difference. How can you explain this additional amount?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. The employee was hired, but the hiring date was effective in the previous payroll period.
B. The employee entered time on the timesheet and changed one of the future dates.
C. The employee received a promotion to another department, which was effective two weeks earlier.
D. The employee left the company a few years ago and returned to the company as a rehire.

Correct Answer: AC


Which action would be chosen from the \’ Take Action” button to transfer an employee to another place in the

A. Terminate/Retire
B. Employment Details
C. Spot Bonus
D. Change Job and Compensation Information

Correct Answer: D


To which accounting components can the payroll document be posted?

A. Bank Accounting (FI-BL)
B. Controlling (CO)
C. Accounts Payable (FI-AP)
D. GL Accounting (FI_GL)
E. Travel Management

Correct Answer: BCD


An employee requires back pay due to a recent promotion. Which Payroll Control Center function does the payroll
Does the manager use to make this correction?

A. My Off Cycles
B. Manage Processes
C. My Processes
D. My Alerts

Correct Answer: A


When you configure country-specific de-clustering, which activities do you perform? There are 3 correct answers to this

A. Switch synchronous de-clustering off.
B. Select the database connection.
C. Define de-clustering for each country.
D. Select the payroll tables.
E. Select cluster table PCL4.

Correct Answer: BCD


What is a tool used to assign specific permissions in Employee Central Payroll?

A. Manage Permission Roles
B. Manage Role-Based Permission Access
C. View User Permission
D. Manage Permission Groups

Correct Answer: A


Which item is included in the ALE integration from Employee Central Payroll to SAP S/4HANA Finance?

A. Cost center
B. Posting
C. Master data
D. Tax data

Correct Answer: B


What information does Time Off replicate to Employee Central Payroll?

A. Remuneration information
B. Absences
C. Working time D. Cost centers

Correct Answer: B


The absence status for an employee is changed from Pending to Approved in Employee Central. What is created

A. An employee data replication notification
B. An employee data replication confirmation
C. A changelog for data replication
D. A data replication proxy object

Correct Answer: D


In which section do you activate Employee Central Payroll?

A. Upgrade Center
B. Manage Employee Central Settings
C. Admin Center
D. Company Settings

Correct Answer: D

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