How can it be eased through the Adobe AD0-E700 exam?

Adobe AD0-E700 exam

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AD0-Adobe AD0-E700 Exam Questions and Answer


Customers are stating that the product image is not reflective of the product they have added to their cart. When you
investigate you notice this is an issue specific to configurable products.
How will you resolve this issue?

A. In the Admin, configure the configurable product image to be set to the product thumbnail within the cart
B. Develop customization to display the variant image instead of the configurable product image
C. Advise the business to upload a photo of all the variants
D. In the Admin, configure the configurable product image to be sent to the parent thumbnail within the cart
Correct Answer: A


The customer support channel of a store running the Magento Commerce Cloud is receiving calls from customers
experiencing problems placing orders. After clicking the Place order button the page takes a long time to load.
What tool do you use to identify the issue?

A. Fastly CDN
B. Magento Cloud Panel
C. New Relic APM
D. Blackfire profiling
Correct Answer: C


A merchant is trying to improve the customer experience for registered customers and needs to provide shipping tracking
How do you do this?

A. Tracking numbers can be entered during invoice creation and they will only be visible after the order is paid.
B. Tracking numbers have to be entered during shipping creation and they will be accessible in the Orders section in My
Account immediately.
C. Tracking numbers are only supported for UPS, USPS and FedEx carries out-of-the-box for other carries it will require
its customization.
D. Tracking numbers can only be added to order comments via the admin
Correct Answer: B


The marketing team for a Magento Commerce website wants some categories to function as content-focused landing
pages instead of product listing pages. They want to include a verify of elements on these pages. Including images, text
content, and featured product displays.

The marketing team wants to maintain this content themselves without involving a developer.
How do they accomplish this?

A. Add the different content elements as widgets in the description field of each category functioning as a landing page
B. Create a CMS Static Block with the content elements for each landing page and associate each block with the correct
C. Change the View the Type on each landing page Category to Display as CMS Page and add a content element to CMS
Content area
D. Have a developer create a custom content fragment they can assign to a category and update for each landing page
Correct Answer: C


Your client has reported a problem with the sales reports in Magento compared to the reports in their ERP system. Their
ERP stores are hosted at different time zone creating a discrepancy. After updating the time zones in both your system
you realize the reporting.
What will you solve this?

A. Resync your data between the ERPJ and Magento
B. Update the time zone on the ERP system along with Magento
C. Refresh the lifetime statistics on your reports
D. Refresh the daily statistics on your reports
Correct Answer: A


Your client has a new store view to support Spanish. During testing, you notice that a CMS Block Widget that appears
on your English store view is not appearing on the Spanish one.
What change do you make to display the wide both store views?

A. Duplicate the CMS Block and append en-ES to the block id.
B. Update the CMS Block and select the language from the Locate multi-select.
C. Update the CMS Block and select the language from the Locate multi-select.
D. Duplicate the Widget and delete the original as Store Views can only be selected when creating or duplicating
Correct Answer: C


A small merchant is using a legacy 3rd-party module to integrate with a payment provider. This module takes the
cardholder information
What changes must be made to the the3rd-party modules to reduce the scope of their Self- Assessment questionnaire?

A. Utilize a VPN connection to the payment provider
B. Store credentials encrypted in the database.
C. Use the HTTPS protocol to connect to the payment provider.
D. Utilize the payment provider\’s frontend iframe system.
Correct Answer: B


A merchant wants to download a list of packing slips, However, when the merchant tries to download the packing slips for
set of orders, there are no slips included for many of the orders they selected.
What does the merchant need to do to get packing slips for all of their orders?

A. Create invoices for all of the selected orders.
B. Specify the staff member who will pack the order
C. Assign the orders to a specific warehouse
D. Create shipments for all of the selected orders
Correct Answer: C


A Merchant has purchased an extension from the Marketplace and it needs to be instated on production.
Which three steps do you recommend to the merchant?
Choose 3 answers

A. Contact the extension vendor so they can enable the extension in the production environment.
B. Contact Magento Support so they can enable the fine extension on my production environment
C. Magento Support so they can enable the extension on the production environment.
D. Check the extension in a staging environment.
E. Check the extension in a production environment.
F. Follow the installation instructions provided by the extension vendor.
Correct Answer: ABD


A Magento Cloud merchant is planning their Black Friday ? Cyber Monday campaigns and wants to see an analysis of
last year\’s campaigns.
What are two to use Magento Business Intelligence to deliver this analysis?

A. Create a report comparing revenue and discount amounts to coupons that were promoted during fast years
B. Use the ROI calculator to input last year\’s holiday and spend and compare it against net revenue
C. Do a server performance check to assess the impact of holiday traffic spikes on conversion rate
D. Use the Cohort ReportBuilder to understand the Lifetime value of holiday-acquired customers vs, other customers
Correct Answer: C


Your merchant is migrating from another to Magento. The old site page exists in two languages, which is reflected in
their URL path.
Before going live redirects from old pages to their equivalent new ones need to be configured.
How do you do that in the Magento admin?

A. Create a category for each old page with a matching URL key
B. Create a URL rewrite Tor each old page win a matching request path
C. Upload a CVS file with a rewrites-table in the store configuration
D. Create a CMS page for each old page with a matching identifier
Correct Answer: A


A merchant has Magento store products for local customers to explore new markets they want to create an
independent store to offer the existing catalog with a different price and branding.
What action is required to achieve this?
A. Create a new website and change the price scope in the Product Attributes configuration
B. Create a new website and change the price scope to the website in Store configuration
C. Create a new store view and develop a module to extend the price capacities
D. Create a new store group selecting the appropriate price scope.
Correct Answer: A


To prepare for a new season a Magento Commerce products in the Magento Admin users simultaneously updating and
adding new products in the Magento Admin.
Site performance is slow during these changes
What do you do?

A. Refresh Full Page Cache and ask a developer to run a full catalog reindex
B. Configure the indexers to Run on Schedule instead of Run on Save
C. Disable cron Jobs
D. Ask your developers to move the admin panel to a separate server
Correct Answer: A

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