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Exam Code: 70-734
Exam Name: OEM Preinstallation for Windows 10
Q&As: 46

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70-734 dumps

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QUESTION  11.You are using the Deployment Console’s New Job Wizard to migrate a computer’s personality from
one computer to different computer. What happens to the names of these two computers during this
A.The destination computer is automatically given a new unique name.
B.The source computer is automatically renamed and the destination computer gets the original name of
the source computer.
C.The two computers will end up with identical names, therefore you must rename one of the computers
70-734 exam Answer:B
QUESTION  12.When using Altiris PXE servers in a Deployment System, which PXE statement is true?
A.Multiple PXE servers can only be installed if a router separates them.

B.If a PXE server is configured to delay its response, it will respond only if no other PXE server responds
C.A managed computer only uses the first PXE server it hears from.
D.Configuring multiple PXE servers to respond immediately causes errors on the managed computers.
QUESTION  13.While imaging computers, Deployment Solution supports the use of UNDI drivers. Which UNDI driver
statements are true? (Choose two.)
A.UNDI drivers are written specifically to work with the Altiris automation process.
B.UNDI drivers must be downloaded and installed from Intel’s Web site before they can be used.
C.UNDI drivers let you image computers without obtaining a specific manufacturer’s network driver for
each network card.
D.UNDI drivers do not support multicasting of hard disk images across the entire network.
E.UNDI drivers support multicasting of hard disk images across the entire network.
70-734 dumps Answer:C D
QUESTION  14.When using the DOS operating system, image files with an .EXE file extension ?
A.cannot be deployed using a Deployment job
B.must be converted to .IMG before they can be deployed with a Deployment job
C.cannot be converted to .IMG files
D.can be deployed without using additional Altiris imaging software
QUESTION  15.You have deployed a hardware independent image to an ACPI Uniprocessor computer and now the
computer will not start. What is the probable cause?
A.the wrong hardware abstraction layer (HAL) was deployed
B.Sysprep was not run on the source computer
C.the ACPI Uniprocessor computer does not support hardware independent images
D.a clean Windows installation was not performed on the source computer before creating the hardware
independent image.
QUESTION  16.Which Altiris utility creates the necessary media to run the Initial Deployment job from a CD?
C.PXE Configuration Utility
D.Initial Deployment Configuration Utility
E.Boot Disk Creator
70-734 pdf Answer:E
QUESTION  17.You can use to ensure that your PXE servers are servicing the correct managed computers.
A.IP blocking
C.MAC filtering
D.NetBIOS name recognition
QUESTION  18.Which Deployment Console method lets you work with software virtualization layers?
A.using a Deployment job
B.selecting Tools > Software Virtualization

C.right-clicking on a computer and selecting Software Virtualization > Manage Layers
70-734 vce Answer:A
QUESTION  19.Which Deployment Solution component stores the main Deployment System program files?
A.Deployment Server
B.Deployment Database
C.Deployment Share
D.Microsoft DHCP Server
E.Deployment PXE Server
F.Deployment Console
QUESTION  20.AClient has been installed on your Windows XP managed computers. Which three methods can be
used to change the settings AClient is currently using? (Choose three.)
A.from the Deployment Console, right-click on the computer and select Change Agent Settings
B.from the Deployment Console, select Tools > AClient > Configurations
C.from the managed computer, select Start > All Programs > Altiris > AClient > Configuration
D.from the managed computer, double-click the AClient icon located in the system tray and select
E.from the Deployment Console, double-click on a computer and edit the client properties
F.use the Deployment Console to reinstall AClient with the desired settings
70-734 exam Answer:A D F
QUESTION  21. Given:
Create table A ( a int, b int)
This table has 10,000 rows

Which of the following is the most log-intensive activity?
A. insert A values ( 5, 7 )
B. truncate table A
C. delete A
D. select * into B from A
E. The initial ‘create table’ command
Answer: C
QUESTION  22 Given the SAS data sets ONE and TWO:
The following SAS program is submitted:
Proc sql;
Select two.*,budget from one <insert JOIN operator here> two on one.year=two.year, Quit;
The following output is desired:

Which JOIN operator completes the program and generates the desired output?
70-734 dumps Correct Answer: A
QUESTION  23 Given the SAS data set SAUSER.HIGWAY:

The following SAS program is submitted:
%macro highway;
proc sql nonprint;
%let numgrp=6;
select distinct status into:group1-:group&numgrp from sasuser.highway; quit;
%do i=1 %to &numgrp;
proc print data =sasuser.highway;
where status =”&&group&I”;
How many reports are produced?
A. 2
B. 6
C. 0
D. 5

Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 24 The following SAS program is submitted:
%let dept=prod;
%let prod=merchandise;
The following message is written to the SAS log:
The value is “merchandise”
Which SAS System option writes this message to the SAS log?
A. %put the value is “&&&dept”;
B. %put the value is “&&&dept”;
C. %put the value is “&&&dept”;
D. %put the value is %quote(&&&dept);
70-734 pdf Correct Answer: A

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