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About HPE0-S54


Latest HP HPE0-S54 exam practice questions 

A customer asks for a network technology that will maximize throughput and minimize latency and CPU utilization
across servers using SMB Direct and 10Gb Ethernet.
Which technology should you propose?
A. TCP/IP Offload Engine
C. virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN)
D. InfiniBand
Correct Answer: B

A financial customer has a remote office that requires a significant amount of computing resources, but has no local IT
staff. They need simple and affordable management and disaster recovery of their site. Which solution should you
recommend to meet this customer\\’s needs?
A. HPE ConvergedSystem 300
B. HPE SimpliVity 380
C. HPE StoreOnce 5100
D. HPE Serviceguard for Linux
Correct Answer: B

A customer reports a recent SSD drive failure in an HPE D2220sb Storage Blade that hosts is Virtual Desktop
Infrastructure environment. The customer is concerned about the remaining expected lifetime of the SSD drives in its
array. Which tool includes the SmartSSD Wear Gauge report that identifies drives at risk failure?
A. HPE Smart Storage Administrator
B. HPE OneView (Volumes screen)
C. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays
D. HPE SmartCache
Correct Answer: A

A customer has a ProLiant DL based Gen10 server solution hosting an I/O intensive 2TB database. The customer
needs to dramatically increase the performance of their existing system. Which solution will provide the maximum
performance possible for their application?
A. Install HPE Scalable Persistent Memory
B. Move the OS to an M.2 SSD drive
C. Upgrade the current processor to a Xeon-Platinum
D. Install DD4 Smart Memory
Correct Answer: A

A customer needs a server that: supports their in-memory database is oriented towards business critical workloads
Which questions should you ask before you make a recommendation? (Choose two.)
A. How much memory will the application require?
B. How will the operating systems and application be deployed?
C. How important is it for the server to support ASHRAE A3/A4 standards?
D. How many cores are required to optimize the application
E. How will the datacenter provide backup power in the event of failure
Correct Answer: AD

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About HPE0-S56


Latest HP HPE0-S56 exam practice questions 

A customer needs a Fibre Channel storage solution that supports block storage with the lowest cost. Which HPE
solution meets this customer\\’s requirements?
A. HPE Nimble Storage
B. HPE SimpliVity
D. HPE StoreVirtual VSA
Correct Answer: C

A customer requires a high level of network bandwidth and reliability. You are installing a pair of HPE switches that can
provide redundancy with multiple connections between them for high availability and faster throughput. Which
technology should you configure on the switches to enable the capability the customer requires?
A. Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
B. Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VxLAN)
C. Multichassis Link Aggregation (MLAG)
D. Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)
Correct Answer: C

Match the storage technology to the storage type.
Select and Place:

Pass4itsure HP HPE0-S56 exam questions q3

Correct Answer:
Pass4itsure HP HPE0-S56 exam questions q3-2

You are troubleshooting an HPE ProLiant rack-mount server. You need to collect event data from the server, even when
it is not operational. Which tool should you use?
A. Insight Online
B. InfoSight
C. OS Event Viewer
D. Integrated Management Log
Correct Answer: A

A customer needs to purchase a redundant pair of SAN switches for their virtualization environment. The customer
requires a total of eight 16 Gbps FC storage ports and eighteen 8 Gbps FC host attachments. Which switch meets the
customer\\’s needs at the lowest cost?
A. HPE StoreFabric SN6010C 48-port Switch
B. HPE StoreFabric SN6010C 12-port Switch with an On Demand Port Activation License
C. HPE 8/24 SAN Switch 16-port Switch with an 8-port Upgrade License
D. HPE 8/24 SAN Switch 16-port Switch
Correct Answer: B

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About HPE2-E70


Latest HP HPE2-E70 exam practice questions 

What benefit does HPE Cloud Cruiser provide?
A. a single management platform for public cloud services and traditional on-premises environment
B. redundant storage services that work with customers\\’ choice of public clouds
C. advisory services that help customers determine how to migrate workloads to the cloud
D. a portal for monitoring, managing, and optimizing HPE consumption-based IT services
Correct Answer: D

Your customer is interested in a solution that will scale immediately to provide the capacity the company needs.
However, the customer isn\\’t sure why HPE EaaS is better than moving to the public cloud. How should you respond to
highlight the advantages of the HPE EaaS?
A. Public cloud isn\\’t as great as you think. Have you read any recent reports from industry analysts about the downfalls
of cloud?
B. The flexibility of public cloud comes with some risks. How would a service provider outage affect your reputation and
bottom line?
C. The cost of the public cloud is continuously in fluctuation. Wouldn\\’t you rather have a flat, consistent monthly bill?
D. Public cloud may be the latest trend, but wouldn\\’t you rather have a solution that sets you apart from your
Correct Answer: B

Your customer begins the conversation by focusing on a particular product they are interested in. How should you
A. If the product from HPE, continue to ask the customer what particular features they are excited about.
B. Tell them that if they are interested in purchasing a product instead of building a solution, they should contact HPE
C. Explain that the best way to find the proper solution is to let HPE decide which products are best suited for the
D. Understand why the customer is interested in this product and what business outcome they are trying to achieve.
Correct Answer: D

What is a benefit of HPE InfoSight?
A. It uses predictive analytics to improve IT efficiency by solving issues before the customer is even alerted.
B. It uses AI to determinate whether workloads should run in the cloud or on-premises.
C. It allows customers to curb secondary data copy sprawl and provide compliance for Service Level Agreement (SLA)
data protection requirements.
D. It simplifies hardware lifecycle management with single pane of glass management.
Correct Answer: A

What presents an ideal opportunity for selling HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity?
A. The focus on streamlining the customer experience by integrating network, location, and data technologies.
B. The growing number of companies dedicating a significant portion of their IT spending to consumption-based
C. The ever increasing number of users and their devices putting a strain on IT that the traditional data center can\\’t
keep up with.
D. The current trend of gathering large amounts of data and then storing it in the core to be analyzed at a later time.
Correct Answer: B

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About HPE2-W02


Latest HP HPE2-W02 exam practice questions 

What is one way Aruba solutions help healthcare companies support BYOD and BioMed initiatives?
A. Aruba Meridian regulates patient access and applies access controls that prevent patients from monopolizing
bandwidth and interfering with more important traffic.
B. Aruba Client Match maximizes performance in a dense environment with many different types of devices, enabling
staff to communicate and access records more quickly.
C. Aruba ClearPass automatically downloads software on every patient device to constantly track each asset\\’s
location, even if it leaves the premises.
D. Aruba IntroSpect strictly enforces HIPPA regulations by only making records available to healthcare providers if the
patient provides his or her password.
Correct Answer: B

A customer requires a highly secure network solution, and you have proposed an Aruba controller-based solution and
Aruba switches. What is one security benefit that the controllers provide?
A. They can detect intrusion attempts based on machine learning (ML).
B. They can create a baseline of normal wireless device behavior and detect anomalies.
C. They can provide secure SNMPv3-based management for the Aruba switches.
D. They can apply role-based firewall policies to wireless and wired traffic.
Correct Answer: D

What is the Aruba Experience Edge Platform?
A. It is an experience-driven portal that provides access to a partnership ecosystem with Aruba technology partners.
B. It complies the suite of products in the Aruba SD-WAN solution, including edge gateways and centralized gateways.
C. It is analytics-driven security framework that includes Aruba IntroSpect, RF Protect, and ClearPass.
D. It comprises the Aruba infrastructure, software, and partnerships that work together to improve user network
Correct Answer: D

Which Aruba solution uses Bluetooth Low Energy to precisely track the location of mobile users through their mobile
A. Aruba Asset Tags
B. Aruba APs in Air Monitor (AM) mode
C. Aruba Beacons
D. Aruba APs in Spectrum Monitor (SM) mode
Correct Answer: C

What is one feature that distinguishes the Aruba switching portfolio from top competitors?
A. Aruba switches have the largest market share of any wired network vendor.
B. Aruba switches have the best warranty and no hidden costs for software licensing.
C. Aruba switches support better segmentation between the wired and wireless network.
D. Aruba switches support on-prem management rather than higher cost cloud-based management.
Correct Answer: B

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About HPE6-A15

HP Aruba Certified Clearpass Professional 6.5 : HPE6-A15

Latest HP HPE6-A15 exam practice questions 

Which checks are made with Onguard posture evaluation on ClearPass? (Select three.)
A. Registry keys
B. EAP TLS certificate validity
C. Client role check
D. Peer-to-peer application checks
E. Operating System version
Correct Answer: ADE

Refer to the exhibit.
Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A15 exam questions q2
Based on the guest Self-Registration with Sponsor Approval workflow shown, at which stage is an email request sent to
the sponsor?
A. after `Guest Role (7)\\’
B. after `Login Message page (5)\\’
C. after `Submit form (3)\\’
D. after `Automated NAS login (6)\\’
E. after `Redirects (1)\\’
Correct Answer: C
There\\’s the Self Service part of provisioning one\\’s information. Then the sponsor/operator part to confirm that guest is
valid. Then the enablement via the sponsor/operator clicking \\’confirm\\’.
Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A15 exam questions q2-2
Refer to the exhibit.
Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A15 exam questions q3
Based on the Access Tracker output for the user shown, which statement describes the status?
A. The Aruba Terminate Session enforcement profile as applied because the posture check failed.
B. A Healthy Posture Token was sent to the Policy Manager.
C. A RADIUS-Access-Accept message is sent back to the Network Access Device.
D. The authentication method used is EAP-PEAP.
E. A NAP agent was used to obtain the posture token for the user.
Correct Answer: B
We see System Posture Status: HEALTHY(0)
End systems that pass all SHV tests receive a Healthy Posture Token, if they fail a single test they receive a Quarantine
Posture Token.
Refer to the exhibit.
Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A15 exam questions q4
Which types of records will the report shown display?
A. all RADIUS authentications from the NAD to ClearPass
B. all failed RADIUS authentications through ClearPass
C. only Windows devices that have authenticated through the NAD
D. all successful RADIUS authentications through ClearPass
E. all successful RADIUS authentications from the NAD to ClearPass
Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.
Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A15 exam questions q5The ClearPass Event Viewer displays an error when a user authenticates with EAP-TLS to ClearPass through an Aruba
Controller Wireless Network.
What is the cause of this error?
A. The controller\\’s shared secret used during the certificate exchange is incorrect.
B. The NAS source interface IP is incorrect.
C. The client sent an incorrect shared secret for the 802.1X authentication.
D. The controller used an incorrect shared secret for the RADIUS authentication.
E. The client\\’s shared secret used during the certificate exchange is incorrect.
Correct Answer: D

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About HPE6-A44

Exam HPE6-A44: Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) 8

Latest HP HPE6-A44 exam practice questions 

An administrator needs to support Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) in a company\\’s network. The
network infrastructure requires the OpenFlow protocol to support SDN-capable applications. Which controller topology
meets these requirements?
A. Zones
B. Standalone Mobility Controller
C. Mobility Master-Mobility Controller
D. Master_Local
Correct Answer: B

Which protocol do Mobility Controllers (MCs) use to detect a failed Mobility Master (MM)?
D. IPSec
Correct Answer: B

An administrator configures Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) heuristics mode on an Aruba Mobility
Master (MM).
What should be modified in order to send items such as VoIP sessions and monitored information about adds, updates,
deletions, and periodic snapshots of those VoIP sessions on the MM or the Aruba Mobility Controller (MC)?
A. OpenFlow Controller profile
B. Mgmt Config profile
C. Skype ALG Configuration profile
D. OpenFlow profile
Correct Answer: A

When they operate in a cluster, Aruba APs obtain AP Group configuration information form which device?
A. Mobility Master
B. AirWave
C. ClearPass
D. Mobility Controller
Correct Answer: D

An administrator deploys Aruba Mobility Controller 7005s to a company\\’s branch offices. The administrator wants to
disable the console port to prevent unauthorized access to the controllers. Which controller command should the
administrator use to implement this policy?
A. no console enable
B. no mgmt-user console
C. mgmt-user console-block
D. console disable
Correct Answer: C

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About HPE6-A47


Latest HP HPE6-A47 exam practice questions 

A customer needs a solution to terminate VPN tunnels for Aruba RAPs. The customer has a single site and a single
public IP address for this purpose. Network address translation (NAT) will forward the IPsec traffic to the correct device
to terminate the VPN tunnel. The customer also requires N+1 redundancy for the solution.
Which solution meets the customer requirements?
A. two Aruba MCs on the same subnet that use VRRP without clustering
B. two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 3 cluster
C. two Aruba MCs on different subnets that use VRRP without clustering
D. two Aruba MCs deployed as a Layer 2 cluster
Correct Answer: B

An architect needs to choose between an Aruba Mobility Controller (MC) 7010 or 7024.
Which customer need indicates that the 7024 is a better choice than the 7010?
A. the need to support 2000 users or devices
B. the need to support PoE
C. the need to manage 20 APs
D. the need to connect 20 APs directly to the MC
Correct Answer: A

An architect plans where to deploy new Aruba 320 Series APs at a customer site. The architect plans for the APs to be
installed on the ceiling where power is inaccessible. The Ethernet cable run to these locations is CAT6, and the
customer wants to support at least 1 GbE connectivity. The architect plans to connect each AP with one Ethernet port to
a switch in a nearby wiring closet.
Which feature does the switch need to support for this deployment?
A. PoE
C. Port channel
D. Smart Rate
Correct Answer: A

An architect plant to purpose an Aruba wireless solution with several Mobility Controllers (MCs) and a Mobility Master
(MM) architecture. Wireless users run Skype for Business, a Unified Communications (UC) solution. The architect plans
to use the Aruba SDN capabilities to integrate with the UC solution.
What helps to support high availability specifically for the SDN services?
A. a redundant master MC
B. backup controllers defines on the APs
C. a cluster deployment for MCs
D. a redundant MM
Correct Answer: D

A customer has several clusters of Aruba 325 Instant APs. The customer is happy with the performance of the current
APs, but would like to add a Mobility Controller (MC). What should the architect propose?
A. the purchase of Universal APs that are the same modes as the current APs.
B. Aruba ClearPass to onboard the APs as campus APs in the new MC-based deployment
C. conversion of the existing Instant APs to campus APs (CAPs)
D. a Virtual Mobility Controller (VMC) which can be licensed to control Instant APs
Correct Answer: D

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About HPE6-A49


Latest HP HPE6-A49 exam practice questions 

In which scenario do Aruba 2930M Series switches, but not Aruba 2930F Series switches, meet the needs for an
upgrade of the wired access layer?
A. Each switch must support 48 1Gbps edge ports, and the uplinks must be redundant as well as provide no worse than
10:1 oversubscription.
B. The customer requires enhanced redundancy at the access layer and wants to ensure that each switch can continue
to operate even if a power supply fails.
C. The customer requires switches in the same closet to connect together into a single virtual switch that is managed
and operates as a single device.
D. Each switch must support mostly non-PoE devices, but also at most four Aruba AP-345s which require PoE+ to
support the full requirements for the customer scenario.
Correct Answer: A

A retailer currently has two redundant ClearPass C2000 DL360 Gen9 hardware appliances and two perpetual 1K
Access licenses. The customer uses ClearPass to authenticate employee wireless devices and other corporate
devices. ClearPass logs indicate that peak license usage is currently 1900.
The customer now wants to add a guest access solution. Guests will connect to an open SSID and redirected to a portal
which they can use to self-register and log in. The customer anticipates that up to 1550 guest devices will connect at
same time.
The customer requires the most cost-effective solution that will meet the requirements. What should the network
architect recommend for this solution?
A. Two 1K Guest licenses
B. 1K+500 Access licenses; Two 1K Onboard licenses
C. 1K+500 Access licenses
D. 1K+500 Access licenses; 1K+500 Guest licenses
Correct Answer: B

A customer has an Aruba wireless network, which includes two MC 7205s and an MM at the network core. The company now wants to accommodate 50 mobile trainers. These trainers travel around the world and run training events.
trainers often need to access materials in the company data center, but cannot reach materials when they are on the
The company wants to give the mobile workforce a secure way to reach the materials they need no matter where they
are, including in public spaces like the hotels where they often teach. The customer also requires that the solution be as
cost effective as possible while meeting the requirements.
Which plan meets the needs of the mobile trainers?
A. Add 50 VIA licenses to the MM, and deploy two 7005 MCs in the DMZ.
B. Add 50 RAPs; add 50 Enterprise licenses and 50 VIA licenses to the MM.
C. Add 50 RAPs; add 50 Enterprise licenses to the MM, and add two 7005 MCs in the DMZ.
D. Add 50 PEFV licenses to the MM, and add additional 7205 MC to the core.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

Pass4itsure HP HPE6-A49 exam questions q4

A customer needs a wired upgrade for a building on its main campus. The exhibit shows the switches that architect has
selected for each closet and the existing cabling. The customer is not open to changing the cabling. The customerrequires link redundancy for the uplinks from each closet and for the links from the building to the core. In non link failure
situations, the uplinks from each closet must support at least 20 Gbps, and the building as a whole must have at least
20 Gbps to the core in non link failure situations.
Which options for connecting the closets to the network core are valid? (Select two.)
A. Connect the switch stack on each floor directly to the network core on two fiber connections per floor. Achieve this by
patching the inter-floor fiber through the inter-building fiber.
B. Add two aggregation switches in the Floor 1 closet. Connect the switch stack for each closet to the aggregation
switches on two fiber links each and the aggregation switches to the core on two fiber links.
C. Combine the nine switches on all three floors into a single switch stack with stacking cables in a ring topology.
Connect two Floor 1 members to the network core with one fiber connection each.
D. Combine the nine switches on all three floors into a single switch stack with the MM OM3 fiber cables in a ring
topology. Connect two Floor 1 members to the network core with one fiber connection each.
E. Connect the Floor 2 switch stack to Floor 1 with two fiber connections. Do the same for Floor 3. Connect the Floor 1
switch stack to the network core with two fiber connections.
Correct Answer: BC

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