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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Q&As: 85

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200-155 Dumps

Up to the immediate present Cisco 200-155 dumps exam cram:

What are the best practices using anti-virus software on a windows machine running Blue Coat Reporter?
A. Do not use anti-virus software as the log files cannot contain viruses
B. Perform scans as you would for any windows server
C. Perform scans only during low activity of ProxySG
D. Perform scans, but bypass certain directories containing frequently changing files
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: D
Is Management Console accessible over HTTP?
A. Yes, it is enabled by default, except in FIPS mode
B. It can be explicitly enabled, the default port is 8081
C. It can be explicitly enabled, the default port is 8082
D. A new service has to be created with port selected by the administrator
Correct Answer: B
HTTP Access log format bcreportermain_vl includes the time of the request, URL requested, and MIME
type of content, but does not include whether it is cache hit or miss.
A. True
B. False
200-155 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Which virus-scanning engine is NOT supported by ProxyAV?
A. MCAfee
B. Sophos
C. Norton
D. Kaspersky E.Panda
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following tracks client-server requests and server responses?
A. Event logs
B. Sys logs
C. Report logs

D. Access logs
200-155 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
If a proxy server is seen in the external Internet as Web server, it is a forward proxy.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B
Which HTTP error code corresponds to the ProxySG default exception identifier icap_error?
A. 403
B. 404
C. 503
D. 401
200-155 vce 
Correct Answer: C
What is the name of the Technical SupportWeb site where service requests can be reported?
A. WebPulse
B. BlueTouch Online
C. Blue Coat Professional Services
D. Services@BC
Correct Answer: B
What changes, when FIPS mode for Management Console is enabled?
A. FIPS mode improves browser support
B. Management Console can be accessed via TLS-based HTTPS only; some device certification options
are changed
C. FIPS mode makes Management Console application faster as the rich client download size decreases
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: B
When Proxy server settings in a browser are configured using WPAD (web Proxy Auto Discovery) protocol,
what has to be specifically guaranteed to ensure security?
A. JavaScript on client’s browser must be enabled, otherwise it will not allow to execute proxy
configuration script.
B. Hosts (e.g. wpad.mydepartment.mycompany.com, wpad.mycompany.com) should be trusted not to
serve malicious wpad.dat files
C. Internet Explorer browser should receive security updates more often than twice a year
D. DHCP must be accessible at the time, when user starts a browser
Correct Answer: B
Reporter creates reports that can be saved in the following formats (choose all that apply)
(a) CSV (comma-separated-values) to be opened by Excel (b) Adobe PDF

(c) HTML
(d) XML
A. a, b & c only
B. a, b & d only
C. a, c & d only
D. b, c & d only
E. All of the above
200-155  dumps 
Correct Answer: A
Which option is NOT available to upload logfiles from ProxySG?
A. HTTP server
B. FTP server
C. Blue Coat Reporter server
D. CIFS/SAMBA file server
Correct Answer: D
What happens, if there are multiple listeners to the same TCP port, and destination IP address belongs to
multiple IP address ranges?
A. Such configuration is Inherently ambiguous and wrong
B. Such cases cause built-in exceptions to be thrown during policy processing
C. The most specific IP address range is always used
200-155 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
Management Console of ProxySG (SGOS v. 5.4- or earlier) is based on the following client-side
A. FIPS mode improves browser support
B. Java servlet application
C. JVM applet embedded in the Web page
D. Adobe Flex
E. AJAX and JavaScript
Correct Answer: C
Which of the following tracks client-server transactions going through the ProxySG?
A. Event logs
B. Sys logs

C. Report logs
D. Access logs
200-155 vce 
Correct Answer: D
To implement ProxySG as a default gateway, which of the following options has to be enabled?
A. Early Intercept
B. Reflect Client IP
C. IP Forwarding
D. Detect Protocol
Correct Answer: C
If you set a service attribute on the ProxySG to “Reflect Client IP”, what must you make sure is not going to
happen in the network?
A. The service destination IP is set to “transparent” and Action is set to “Intercept”.
B. Force Authentication through policy.
C. Asymmetric routing directly from client to OCS.
200-155 exam 
Correct Answer: A
Which layer can be used to block a particular URL?
A. Authentication
B. Web Access
C. Forwarding
D. Web Content
Correct Answer: B
All of the following are software based Blue Coat solutions:
Blue Coat Reporter, Blue Coat WebFilter, Blue Coat K9, ProxyClient
A. True
B. False
200-155 dumps 
Correct Answer: A
The following authentication realms will be used in a sequence realm. Which realm should go first?
A. Local
C. Radius
Correct Answer: A
The ProxySG ICAP implementation is fully compatible with which of the following applications? (Choose all
that apply)

(a) Finjan SurfinGate
(b) Webwasher
(c) Antivirus Scan Engine (SAVSE)
(d) Trend Micro InterScan
A. a & b only
B. b & c only
C. c & d only
D. All of the above
200-155 pdf 
Correct Answer: D

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