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Updated SAP Certifications C_TAW12_750 Practice Test Questions(1-12)

Official Exam Details:

Exam Name: SAP Certified Associate – ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.50 Exam

Exam: 80 questions

Exam Cut Score/ Passing marks : 59%

Exam Duration: 180 mins

Type of Questions: Multiple choice (single/multiple), True/False

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1.Identify the key assignments for function keys in a GUI stus? (More than one answer is correct)

A. Random Function Keys
B. Suggested Function Keys
C. Recommended Function Keys
D. Freely Assigned Function Keys
E. Reserved Function Keys

2. What are the minimum requirements for Processing User requests in a Dynpro? (More than one answer is correct)

A. OK_CODE Checking is performed in the Screen Flow Logic
B. The last field of the element list of the screen has the name OK_CODE
C. OK_CODE is Defined in the TOP Include
D. Define a GUI Stus

3. How are buffers used by inner and outer joins?

A. buffers are always used
B. buffers are always bypassed
C. the choice can be made to use or bypass buffers

4. What is the order of events that fire?

A. 30 50 10 40 20
B. 50 10 40 10 20
C. 30 10 50 40 20

5. What is context menu?

A. Shortcuts for frequently used functions
B. Functions that are relevant for the current Screen Group
C. Context Sensitive Pushbuttons
D. A special menu for subscreens

6. What stement in Dialog Programming names screen fields available for input.

A. Field
B. Module
C. Check
D. Case

7. When writing a list, what command would allow you to overwrite a line?

A. Back
B. Overtype
C. Reserve
D. Write:/ 1

8. Identify the valid methods for setting the value of a select-option selection field… (More than one answer is correct)

A. Initialization. ZFLIGHTS-CARRID = \\’AA\\’.
B. Srt-of-Selection. ZFLIGHTS-CARRID = \\’AA\\’.

9. Your screen has a ble control defined to it. In the PAI, what does the SY-LOOPC system variable conin?

A. Number of ble control lines
B. Loop Counter
C. Number of filled lines

10.You have added an append structure to a sndard SAP ble. What happens to a sndard ble when a new version of the ble is imported during an upgrade?

A. When the sndard bles are activated, the append structure is automatically appended to the sndard ble
B. All append structures are deleted. A new append structure must be created and then appended to the sndard ble
C. The append fields are automatically appended to the ble upon activation but you must still convert the ble
D. The sndard ble is returned to sndard. Therefore, the append structure must be manually re- applied

11. What techniques would you use to fix the 10 leftmost columns on a list when scrolling to the right?

A. Scroll List Left
B. Scroll List PS+
C. Set Left Scroll-Boundary Column 10
D. Set Right Scroll-Boundary Column 10

12. How do you determine the parameter ID for a screen field?

A. F1, Technical Info on the screen field
B. Check users default
C. Check ble TPARA
D. Check the Value stement in the Top Include

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